Friday, September 11, 2009

Next Steps

I am back in the States, working again in orthodontics, getting ready to move into a house by a park and a library (my happy places), reconnected with my church families (now up to 3 in just this city), am back into beating my body at the gym, and have gotten to know my nieces and nephews a bit better. There are SO many ministry opportunities I want to jump into, but it's like God has a hand on my shoulder and He says "wait." I feel like a race horse ready to bolt out of the gates into something big.

So I wait and study in the meantime. I'm reading Piper's Desiring God by night, listening to The Heavenly Man during work, studying Romans on my own and with church family #3, Luke with church #2, 1 Cor with church #1, and starting a New Testament Survey class this week. I like learning. I like books. Maybe it's time for some more school :)