Saturday, August 8, 2009

Indiana Girl

In a surprising turn of events I've moved back to the States this week. I already miss my friends in Germany, and I expect that to get even tougher when the students return to school in a couple weeks. BUT, I am excited to be here.

Today is the quads (my nieces and nephews) 2nd birthday, and I'm really looking forward to actually knowing them. It's great to see family and friends instead of playing catch up via scattered emails.

I've got some interesting business opportunities that I'm considering, a few potential roommates, a car that I'll probably buy today, and two wonderful church families with whom to reconnect. If any of you local readers know of a job, house, or motorcycle that you think would suit me, please email :)

I'm so thankful to have spent the last year in Germany because God taught me some invaluable lessons. He stripped away a lot of my pride and materialism. Although He could have burned away that chaff through some other means, He chose Germany. And I'm so thankful. I moved there with 2 suitcases and a rubbermaid tub. I lived in an apartment I saw for the first time when I moved in. I drove a purple car that I called the Confetti Mobile. And I did more than survive. I learned how liberating it is to not be tied down to STUFF- a ton of possessions and luxurious things to worry about.

Pre-Germany, I used to try to reach out to hurting people in hard places. But when I'd pick them up in my brand new car and drive them across town to my picture perfect apartment, I never saw the chasm that automatically made between us. Praise the Lord He opened my eyes to that and taught me how to live more humbly. I want to connect and love people where they are, not rub in their faces all the things they don't have. So that's what I hope to do here- live humbly and love generously.

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