Sunday, May 31, 2009

Spring Party 09

Spring Party was viking themed this year. Food, games, music, and fun.
Tug of War. The rope snapped after 3 good pulls during the juniors v. seniors

These boys found a loop hole to the 6-legged race


With two of my FAVORITE girls!

Gettin ready to hop


Cara practicing Dog Whisperer

Dancing away from the students to not embarrass their daughters

Aww, we're gonna miss Hawkins and Joni at Maug!

The giant dance party

Boys and Fire...

Guzik showing his skills

My dance circle :)

So intimidating in their braids

Ready to rap

Winding down

And then we celebrated Timmy's birthday back at the dorm...
"You think these knives will work?"

Ready to get their RA

About 45 seconds later. Double whip cream pied in the face
Tradition is just one from your roommate...guess Timmy got special treatment for being staff
I told the guys I'm glad that my birthday falls in the summer. Their reaction?
"Don't worry. We celebrate half birthdays"

More tradition: carrying him to the trough

Drop him and RUN before he can hug/tackle you!!
I thought I was safe as the photographer (and female), but then someone had to yell "GET SARAH!"

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